So, ever since I watched “30 Days of Night” last year I have had a strange fascination with this small town. Its so remote and looks absolutely miserable in the winter (I dislike the cold a lot!) yet, there is this untamed beauty about the place that just blows me away. Barrow, Alaska, I may never be brave enough to visit you but, you will always hold a special place in my heart. I absolutely LOVE the sign pointing to all the big cities they have in the middle of their town….it really helps for the feeling of just how remote this place is! 

I hope people learn to get some sort of weird, yet warm fuzzy love for this town when “Big Miracle” comes out as it is a real story based in this remote town. 

(I disclaim all the pictures! Purely a post dedicated to a strange love I have found in my life!)

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    Beautiful Barrow Alaska, don’t forget to take your coat.
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    Barrow Alsaka is the coolest little town ive ever beentoo , yeah its little but damm its a place everyone has to visit...
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